2000 – 2008 – 2021
13th | 21st

This has been a time of great transformation!  And now we begin… again; knowing God is Good, Trustworthy, Faithful and then some!  No matter what this old world has been up to, nor the times we presently live in, nothing surprises the Ancient of Days!   His Loving way heals, sets free and delivers!  We celebrate Him this Anniversary and position ourselves further in, for His Kingdom Purpose.

Thank you to those who have partnered with and prayed with the Sacred Dance Institute throughout these precious years!  All relationships and collaborations have been a part of fortifying us to even this moment in time!   We move forward on to the more of God’s Kingdom… Kingdom Fruit, Kingdom service, and Kingdom Purpose that pleases Him in the days to come!  #Next50

With love and grateful hearts,

Sacred Dance Institute 

2020 | See clear… hear clear… and be transformed!

2021 | 5, 6, 7, 8… begin! #Next50