About SDI

Welcome to “Deliverance to Dance…”

With a long history of serving God’s Kingdom in dance; The Sacred Dance Institute was birthed by the Hand of God and followed God’s call to go ‘beyond bricks and mortar’ to serve by assignment in His vast Sanctuary, carrying the Good News of the Gospel through dance.   While dance is a major component to this ministry, it is merely the icing on the cake!   Being rooted and grounded in God’s Word, growing intimately in our relationship with Christ, heeding and knowing the Holy Spirit, worshipping in Spirit and Truth and fellowshipping with the saints, is our call. Everything else follows.

The Ministries of the Sacred Dance Institute, Ruwach… Pneuma… (1st and 2nd Company) and Reflections of God’s Glory (ROGG), serve with love, commitment, steadfastness and fervor in which God has called us to Discipleship, through the ministering unto His people. With that said, we “go ye therefore!”, and with great joy, share the Love of God, the sacrifice of Christ and the Comfort of the Holy Spirit!

In the honor of the Glory of God, for ourselves… The Sacred Dance Institute, and for each of our dear guests on this web page, we pray for the receipt of… “Deliverance to Dance…”

Tiffany Johnson
Founder, Director
Sacred Dance Institute