2nd Company

Ruwach… Pneuma…, Sacred Dance Ministry

(Dance Ministries of the Sacred Dance Institute)


Exists to worship God in Spirit and in Truth through the Art and practice of divinely inspired Sacred Dance.


Grow as an ever ready Dance Ministry of Biblically equipped, Spiritually rooted and artistically sound warriors; prepared to usher Judah Praise and able to create an atmosphere of Pure Worship, on Earth as it is in Heaven: Obedient to the Authority of God, walking in the example of Christ and heeding the Instruction of the Holy Spirit.

Ruwach…Pneuma…Sacred Dance Ministry (2nd Company)

(Adult Women)

Our mission is to minister in the form of Dance, express the worshiper, Worshipee relationship between Child of God and our Heavenly Father.  Through dance we bear witness and testify of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.