Ministry Engagements

Ruwach…Pneuma Ministry Engagements

The Sacred Dance Institute and its Dance Ministries are actively engaged in ministering in Indianapolis and beyond, and is obedient to God’s call to serving His Kingdom, going beyond the walls of the Church to bless others. Ministry engagements include but are not limited to the following:

• Church activities and programs, Citywide and abroad
• Concerts
• Conferences
• Outdoor festivals, rallies and programs
• Public and Private events
• Revivals
• Special Occasions
• Theatrical presentations
• Worship Services

We feel an important call of God to ensure the underserved are ministered to and have the benefit of corporate fellowship and the experience of corporate praise and worship. As a result we pay great emphasis on engagements for the following:

• Children’s Hospitals
• Homeless shelters
• Incarceration centers
• Senior Living Centers
• Organizations and events serving these sectors of our community

Sacred Dance Institute: How we serve…

Expertise in Dance training and technique including
• Premiere body movement
• Ballet technique and expression
• Modern technique and expression
• Contemporary technique and expression
• Jazz technique and expression
• Ethnic technique and expression
• Urban technique and expression
• Youth, young adult and adults

Expertise in Ministry operations and Community service
• Standardized ministry operations
• Ability to discern, adapt and provide tailored programming
• Outreach to many community organizations
• Track record of serving the community
• Expertise in serving individuals and collective bodies

Commitment to Spiritual growth and personal development
• Programming that encourages and guides individual and collective growth
• Process and communications that equip for lifelong advancement and change
• Tools that are applicable to growth beyond “dance”

Commitment to those less served
• Everyone should have the opportunity to be encouraged, ministered to and uplifted!
• Everyone should have the opportunity to grow and study their gifting!