God is a God of Movement!   His Breath… Ruwach… Pneuma… allows us to live, move and have our being.   It is truly a gift to have the liberty of movement!    It’s manifestation is more than the obvious.   The movement is not a performance… not a love of dance, not a stage, not what most would expect.   It is… the Force of God that changes the atmosphere.   It is being in agreement with God about His Will for our lives.   It is an opportunity to fellowship with like minded worshippers in this Call.   Our walk changes, our choices change, our movement in and through life changes!   We join the dance with our Lead… our Heavenly Father!  (our inspiration is from Him… He is our inspiration!) As the Body is called to be as one, we invite you and look forward to hearing from you and your interest in joining the Movement!

Join the Movement! Volunteer

Come out and connect in fellowship while learning more about the Sacred Dance Institute. Want to be a part? There are many ways to “Join the Movement…”, including exciting and meaningful volunteer opportunities. From ushers and seamstress, to professional shofar blowers, we need YOU! A wonderful way to volunteer your time, talent, and treasure for Kingdom work! Volunteer Opportunities Assistance is needed, but not limited to the following categories:

Administrative Photographers
Board Member Childcare
Researchers Professional Services
Clerical Roadies
Costumers Shofar blowers
Data Entry Sound Engineers
Drivers Helpers
Ushers Specialty assistance
Outreach Videographers

Contact > 877.SDI.1073 > membership@sacreddanceinstitute.com